Monday, April 29, 2013

MWL Healthy Choices Week

MWL #Healthy #choices week

Let's keep our healthy #lifestyle transition in full gear. From mow until august, we will be posting as much healthy content as possible for those of you who want to join in.

This week we're posting healthy tips to help keep us all motivated. We'll be kicking off the NEW ME #Contest in a few weeks, so those who want to BE IN, just IM us on . You will have until May 15th to get in board.

So, if you are managing or losing weight, toning up, have goals for healthier skin, hair, nails...
Your invited to share your choices, tips and milestones with our us by posting your pictures, meal choices/plans, #workout/#skincare / #haircare routines etc.

Can't wait to hear and see the BEFORE/AFTER big reveal results you'll share by August 31.

We'll keep you posted!

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